Sorry it took longer than I said it would. Not many people even liked it, but the people who did all had such great blogs it was next to impossible to decide  

-best url: myeyestheywander Mine too.

- best theme: fraspi It catches your attention, but it’s not too flashy. Definitely some great posts on this blog as well, chicks and babes galore.

- best posts: sensual—passion I think the spank me gif won me over. Great photos and gifs. Really like the star background as well.

- best face: oraofsanity is absolutely gorgeous. Her posts are pretty fab too. Check her out. 

- best overall 1: complexsensualism I was originally just going to choose this for best url, but then I went on and really loved the theme and the posts. Extremely sexy women to be found here, instant follow from me.

- best overall 2: mvnonthemoon Excellent mix of posts, it’s kind of artsy in a way. The theme is simple and effective and the url caught my eye. Definitely worth a follow.